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E. J. Pace
Naimbag a' Damag (1907-10)


Otterbein Aegis (1901-05)
Naimbag a' Damag (1907-10)
Our Foreign Missionary Enterprise (1908)
The History of the Woman's Missionary Association of the United Brethren in Christ (1910)
The Watchword (1906-1917)
The Religious Telescope (1911-17)
Six Decades: 1855-1915, the Annual Report of the U. B. Foreign Missionary Society (1914-1915)
1915 Yearbook of the United Brethren in Christ
The Sunday School Times (1916-1944)
Moody Monthly cartoons (1917-1931)
The Victorious Life (1918)
The Law of the Octave in the World and in the Word (1922)
Christian Cartoons (1922)
Settling the Big Question (1923)
Seven Questions in Dispute (1924)
Pictures That Talk, series one (1929)
Pictures That Talk, series two (1929)
Life Begins At...? (1936)
Talking Object Lessons (1942)
From Death Unto Life (1943)
The Higher Way: How to be Filled with the Spirit (1946)

Naimbag a' Damag (Good News) was a weekly Christian journal published by the United Brethren in Christ denomination from 1905-30.  Written in the Ilocano dialect prevalent in the northernmost part of the Philippine Islands, this publication featured illustrations by Rev. E. J. Pace from 1907-10, and perhaps 1912-15 as well.  His articles (in Ilocano) were mostly contrasting Biblical Christianity with Roman Catholicism, the latter being prevalent in the Philippines.  Pace served as editor of Naimbag a' Damag from 20 March, 1909 - 17 July, 1910. 


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